<script src=”[file:///Applications/cookiesamtykke.js]”></script> Goose hunting, bow hunting, duck hunting, crow hunting, pigeon shooting and fox hunting. Welcome to DK WAI’s hunting online store. Experts in goose hunting We have the best equipment for goose hunt you can find. Game Call, decoys, power hunter, blinds and hunting films. Besides goose hunting, we have all the hunting equipment you’ll need to duck hunting, crow hunting, wing shooting, bow hunting and fox hunting. Bow equipment, hunting bows, Hunting Film, decoys and more hunting equipment at low prices. We created this company based on our extensive experience with goose hunting and hunting in general and this knowledge we want to pass on to our customers. It is our goal to have the best hunting equipment at low prices. With us, our customers always comes first and we always try to give the best service and fast delivery. DK WAI has its own production of greylag decoys, canadagoose decoys and game calls for goose hunting and we do not compromise on quality! We deal with the best decoys and game call on the market. There is a lifetime guarantee on DK WAI’s products and we are always ready to help You learning the calls and use hunting equipment properly so that you get the most out of your goose hunting. DK WAI delivery We always have fast delivery of all our products if they are in the warehouse, and always try to provide the best service to our customers, both online and at our showroom in Rønnede 4683, sneden 26-28. DK WAI hunting shop in DK WAI’s hunting shop you can find a variety of different hunting equipment in goose hunting, waterfowl hunting, wing shooting, crow hunting and bow hunting. Besides selling products we now also offer a guidance page where you can be inspired and get more information about our products, hunting techniques, the use of decoy calls, decoys setups and more. Brands Dk WAI have brands like Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge, Avery, Tangle Free, Lucky Duck, Buck Gardner, Bignami, Jim Fletcher, Heat, and DK WAI’s own products, decoys and game calls. Blog about goose hunting and more Now we can also offer a blog where Eric Paulsen will blog about all goose hunting and other forms of hunting techniques, equipment, new discoveries, new ideas, hunting stories, tests of equipment, animals, nature and more. You can write to us at mail@dkwai.dk, with the text “BLOG” and ask questions or write topics you want us to talk about. See the blog here: BLOG Under “About dk wai”, you can learn about the brothers Eric and Dennis Paulsen and their start and visions with the firm DK WAI (DK Waterfowl Archery Import) Dennis and Eric are specialists in goose hunting and techniques. They hold courses where you can sign up for. Here you will be inspired by lectures held by Dennis and Eric and later takes you out and test these techniques. You can follow our facebook page DK WAI, otherwise our calendar on the website under “Events” where we will announce when a new course is on the way. Eric and Dennis are often booked to talk about goose hunting, duck hunting and bow hunting in various hunting clubs. You can order them to a free lecture on mail@dkwai.dk, with the text “Lectures”, or call Dennis at 22 44 18 69. In addition to this, we are also at the many hunting fairs held in Danamark where we will sell out of warehouse and be available if you have questions. Here you can also get a personal game call course of Eric Paulsen in calling technique.